I’ve always gotten the best advice from people who travel a lot, and have great taste—not necessarily writers. I’ve also planned trips just from seeing a photo of a place and falling in love with it. I decided to start Yolo Journal because I’m passionate about photography, travel, and collecting great ideas. I’m excited to have a platform where photographers can share images that otherwise might go unseen, and a collection of travel inspiration and ideas from different creative and curious people we admire. I’m a forever lover of the printed page, and I think, in a very noisy landscape where we are inundated with images and information, to be able to sit down with a magazine, that speaks to you, and isn’t filled with loads of distracting ads, is something we all want.

Even though I’ve always worked in travel content, people always ask me for my personal advice. Information that doesn’t feel like an overwhelming city guide (created with search algorithms in mind, not how people really move through places), and speaks to the way most like to travel (connecting to the feelings/wants people experience when they aren’t on their home turf). We all want the one interesting idea/tip/lead that brings us somewhere, and is a jumping off point—none of us want to spend hours combing through Instagram location tags to find out where the cool people actually go in the city you are visiting. (Tip: our stockists around the world have the most up-to-date intel, so if you find yourself in a city where we have a stockist, go say hi, and ask them what to do and where to go!) We don’t aim to be comprehensive—we know you have your smartphone right next to you all the time—we gather and edit the best sources and their intel, and feature it in our printed quarterly. And we keep the conversation going daily on @yolojournal. Speaking of which—when you find a place you love, let us know by sending us a DM!

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